Endless Summer Diglett Pokemon
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touchin-touya replied to your post:With the house key a stranger gave him, Anthony barges into the house Touya was secluding himself in. The stranger told him that Touya was lonely and needed Anthony to visit him. How could he refuse the opportunity to meet up with his crush/victim? “You wanted to see me, boy?”

“A kind stranger gave me this house key, and it worked! Boy, I missed you so much!” Anthony widens his arms, preparing to hug Touya.

“A stranger gave you the key…?” Blinking up at Anthony, he scurried back as the Hiker seemed to be preparing to hug him, pushing himself up and hugging the jacket tighter around himself. “Hm… I-It has b-been a while… Ah… b-but I’m fine, thanks for worrying, I don’t want to cause you any trouble, so you can go on your way, now…!”

"But, Touya!" Anthony squeezes Touya uncomfortably tight as he blubbers uncontrollably. "I just keep thinking of you and that summer, boy! It was all a lie, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it!?"


I feel like the Pokemon fandom might (or not?) appreciate this written out

Two years later, it is Autumn; the Hiker stands alone, his heart is strained, it yearns. He is abandoned.

(ie. Hiker Andy Ferris wheel dialogue)

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Do you own a buttplug named Touya?

I own many things named Touya, if you catch my drift.

Touya's been rather lonely, lately. I think he needs a visit from you to cheer him up.

Touya needs me, you say? Then I might as well visit! Thank you kindly for the key!

it's jon's old house key so good luck.

Jon’s old house key?

Touya lives there, doesn’t he?

Have you ever had a lover?

I wish Touya were. [He cries.]




Here’s what he says after the battle (the 2nd time, not the 1st time)

“No no no, I can’t concentrate at all.
Why do I feel so empty…why did I have to remember that…
Why can’t I forget that summer….why can’t I forget that sunlight!
…Sorry for shouting. 
Just wait a bit longer…Im going to pick up the broken pieces of my heart. So (player name), will you come with me for a bit?”
Then they get in the ferris wheel. His sentences break off and start midsentence a lot. I’ll just translate it as it goes.
“It was 2 years ago…..summer……..felt something…….that’s how it was.
Sniff……that’s right…..even that person also must have……
‘I love you’…….what a lie………shouldn’t have….sniff.”
Off the ferris wheel.
“Sniff…hey player name…love and seperation is a hard thing. But here’s what I think. No matter what will happen, you should let people close to you know how you feel. It’s true that if you don’t say anything you don’t have to fear rejection…but if you don’t confess, endless loneliness awaits you.
….Thanks for listening. You may be a girl, but you’re still a close friend.”